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Band Profile:     B21 

Best Band -- Asian Music Awards 2003

Comprises of hit making producers brothers Bally Jagpal and  Bhota Jagpal, B21 shot to fame in 1996 with their first album 'The Sounds of B21'.  It remained the number one album for over six weeks.

Their second album 'By Public Demand' stayed in the charts at number one for over 22 weeks and received numerous awards at the Asian Pop and Media Awards 1998.

The talented duo are inspired by both East and West Music, they aim to create music which is lyrically strong and musically youthful.

Bhota Jagpal is renowned as being the 'Man behind Safri' having produced all of his greatest hits such as Legends,  Bomb the Tumbi, as well as producing other albums such as Sardara Gill's 'Pure Magic'.

In between the two B21 projects, Bally Jagpal produced the best seller of 1997 with his debut solo album 'Live and Direct' which continues to surprise the industry with its phenomenal success


     Shake (What Ya Mama Gave Ya)
General Levy Versus Zeus


Bally Jagpal

Track 1: The B21 Remix
recorded and remixed at HUSH RECORDING STUDIO


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